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A little bit about me...

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Picture by Sara Elizabeth McNeil

I'm Matt Long, and I love making art. I grew up in Mechanicsville,  VA, and have had a passion since my teenage years to produce quality work either in film or photography. 

When I'm not creating art, I love being able to spend time with my pet cat, Mr. Mittens, who gives me quality time between his busy schedule of napping around the house 24/7. 

Some of my favorite hobbies include: Salsa Dancing, Ballroom Dancing, drawing, origami, writing, graphic design, nature walks and keeping in touch with close friends and family. 

I am also a filmmaker, and when I can pull together short film projects with friends, it is a highlight of my year. 



Bachelor's Degree
Liberty University 

I graduated from the Zaki Gordon Cinematic Arts Program at Liberty University, with the completion of both classes and an award winning thesis short film I wrote and directed, titled "No Laughing Matter."

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"No Laughing Matter" Short Film

For my senior thesis film requirement in the Cinematic Arts Program at Liberty University, I made a comedy short film about a young man named Isaac Grubbs who grows up in a dystopian future, where laughter has almost gone completely extinct. However, he befriends an old hermit man on the outskirts of town, named Mr. Snickers, who happens to be a former comedian, and Isaac begins to discover things about his past and who he is that truly changes his whole perception on his world...but how will his friends, coworkers and roommate treat him? Will he become an outcast just like Mr. Snickers? 


In a world without laughter, you've got to be the joke...

"No Laughing Matter" was selected for the following awards at film festivals around the world:

BEST COMEDY SHORT Award Play Short International Film Awards


FINALIST - Atlanta Underground Film Festival

IMdB page :

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